Altec Lansing’s Stage Gig Powered Speaker Monitors Your Game

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Sure, powered speaker systems aren’t exactly a new thing, but with peripherals for franchise games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero going for as much as $300, it was only a matter of time before folks who make powered speakers decided to get in on the gaming. Enter Altec Lansing with its new Stage Gig portable amplified speaker: the unit packs a 6.5-inch driver, 40 watts of power, and is shaped to look like a miniature stage wedge so guitar-controller badasses can feel like they’re living the life at Wembley Stadium.

“Stage-Gig is the first speaker system designed from the ground up for use with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and DJ Hero,” said Altec Lansing senior product manager Don Milks, in a statement. “By amplifying the audio, Stage-Gig makes the games feel even more like you are playing in a live concert. Stage-Gig works especially well with multi-instrument games, where the drums and bass guitar are often lost when heard through traditional TV speakers.”

The Stage Gig pumps the bass with a 6.5-inch driver, and offers a silk-dome tweeter on the horn to make sure the high end comes through clear. As a single speaker isn’t not offering a stereophonic experience…but, that’s part of the deal, right? It’s not like most real musicians have stereo monitor mixes on stage! So that adds to the authenticity! The unit features a wedge design with a carry handle, and while it’s not really big enough to pop a foot on and strike an Iron Maiden pose, the Stage Gig is quite a lot more portable than the traditional 2×10 wedge on which it’s modeled. The Stage Gig features a volume knob tucked into the side, with two sets of RCA connections for hooking up to a game rig or daisy-chain a set together for a multi-monitor setup.

The Stage Gig will be available in November at major retailers for a suggested price of $99.95. Hey, it’s cheaper than a new guitar.

Altec Lansing Stage Gig