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Among Us gets surprise release on Nintendo Switch today, Spelunky 2 set for 2021

ot a Breakthrough multiplayer game Among Us just got a surprise Nintendo Switch release. The announcement comes from today’s Nintendo Indie World Direct presentation, which featured several other game reveals.

Among Us initially released in 2018, but saw a massive increase in popularity this year. The game went on to win two awards at this year’s Game Awards, including Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game. The phenomenon will land on Nintendo Switch later today.

While Among Us was the headliner from the presentation, several other games made an appearance during Nintendo’s 17-minute showcase. The video started with developer Derek Yu announcing that both Spelunky and this year’s Spelunky 2 will release on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The long-anticipated Super Meat Boy Forever finally got a release date during the show. The platformer will launch on December 23 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Originally developed as a mobile version of Super Meat Boy, the game is now a full-fledged sequel to the popular 2010 indie title.

Standout Apple Arcade title Grindstone also got a surprise release on the system following the show. The action-puzzle hybrid game is available on the Switch eShop right now, where it’s a console launch exclusive. Grindstone is the latest Apple Arcade launch title to finally make its way off the service, joining games like What The Golf? and Dodo Peak on the Switch.

The showcase featured plenty of other strange and intriguing announcements. Highlights included cat combat game Fisti-Fluffs, a Yacht Club Games samurai title called Cyber-Shadow, and the cozy café management game Calico, which is now available on the system.

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Giovanni Colantonio
Giovanni is a writer and video producer focusing on happenings in the video game industry. He has contributed stories to…
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