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Among Us VR: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

We’ve called an emergency meeting, not because a body’s been found, but because a brand new way to trick and deceive your friends is on the way. Among Us was a sleeper hit that didn’t actually hit mainstream success until years after its initial launch. Thanks to some high-profile streamers picking it up, this simple social deduction game got so big so fast that the developers canceled their work on the sequel to add more support to the base game.

While not a sequel, there will be a new way to experience the tension of knowing one of your crew mates is an imposter with Among Us VR. As the name suggests, this brings the 2D game not just into the third dimension but virtual reality as well. That is a major shift in perspective and immediately spices up the game’s flow. If you’re curious about what else may be changed and what details there are about how it will all work, we’ve sussed out all the information you need to know about Among Us VR.

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Release date

A red crewmate in Among Us VR.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Among Us VR will release sometime during the 2022 holiday season, which most likely means December, given how little time there is left to the year.


Image used with permission by copyright holder

Among Us VR is, and this should be no surprise, a VR-exclusive title. To play it, you will need one of the following headsets: the Meta Quest, Playstation VR, or Steam-compatible VR headset (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index). It is possible other VR devices will get it in the future, but, for now, these are your options to get behind the visor of a crewmate or imposter.


Among Us VR Announcement Trailer l Meta Quest

The trailer opens on a yellow bean crew mate wandering through a hallway before cutting to a first-person perspective. They approach a panel and start the task using new VR motion controls. As it loads, they overhear two other crewmates passing by, turning their head to catch a glimpse of them talking.

The trailer cuts to a meeting where all the crew mates are standing around a table, arguing and flailing their disembodied arms while yellow simply spins his fingers trying to look innocent. The scene cuts with everyone else staring directly at yellow.

The cycle repeats of yellow doing a task, two others going by, and one getting killed, and an increasingly smaller meeting is held with suspicion pointed directly at an oblivious yellow. It finally comes to a head as red approaches and bites the top half of yellow off, leaving him or her as a ghost.

Just like Among Us, Among Us VR won’t have a narrative of its own, but instead will be all about the narratives you and your friends create in each individual match.


Among Us VR - Gameplay Trailer ? omggggg omg omg omg omg omg

Among Us VR will be built on the same core mechanics of the original game but obviously tweaked for VR. As a crew mate, you will still be running around the Skeld, completing tasks, trying not to die, and holding meetings to try and determine who the imposter(s) is.

The shift to first-person and using motion controls will be the largest changes. We see in the trailer that your field of view will be much more limited than it was in the original game, where you played from a third-person perspective. However, you can now also more easily glance away from your task just by turning your head. All the tasks we’ve seen involve interacting with panels via motion controls, which will probably feel far more novel to do than it looks on video.

Imposters will still be able to sneak through vents and sabotage tasks to sew discord among the crew mates. The trailer shows an example of an imposter able to peek through the slots of a vent to spy on a crewmate.

Finally, you will be able to do little hand gestures during meetings to try and point out imposters or throw the suspicion off yourself. It won’t help much if you’ve been caught outright, but it will give more life and personality to the most social part of the game.


Green crewmate pointing at yellow crewmate in Among Us VR.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Just like the first game, Among Us VR is exclusively a multiplayer game. It will support anywhere between four and 10 players, with one or more imposters based on your settings.


First-person POV of a crewmate pressing buttons on a control pad.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can’t quite pre-order Among Us VR right now, likely since it doesn’t have a firm release date, but you do have the option to add the game to your wishlist on either the Meta Quest or Steam store page. Once proper pre-order information comes out, including price and other platforms, we will be sure to update you on those details.

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