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Angry Birds gets festive with pumpkin-smashing Halloween edition

It has been a busy October for Angry Birds. Developer, Rovio, earlier this month brought the insanely popular mobile game to the Android operating system where it became an instant hit – now with over 3 million downloads. And just yesterday gaming giant, EA, confirmed that it had acquired Chillingo, Angry Birds’ publisher, for a reported $20 million.

In spite of all bustle, Rovio hasn’t lost track of the fact that we are mere days away from the end of October and today launched its latest Angry Birds creation, Angry Birds Halloween. The new edition features 45 new levels – significantly more than a standard Angry Birds’ update – and a whole new Halloween makeover. Players can expect a classically spooky soundtrack, an autumnal color scheme, and plenty of pumpkins to be smashed to bits.

Android users just recently getting their first taste of the Angry Birds phenomena will probably be a little more than irked to learn that Rovio has announced the Halloween version for Apple’s App Store only – that’s right, iOS devices only.

Angry Birds Halloween also isn’t free, as Angry Birds updates have been in the past. IPhone and iPod Touch users will pay 99 cents, and iPad users who opt for Angry Birds Halloween HD will pay $1.99. But for 45 new levels it’s doubtful that Angry Birds fans will find those prices too frightening to pass up.

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