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How to share the love for sweet rewards during the Animal Crossing wedding event

Love is in the air, and so our attention turns to Harv’s Island and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons wedding event. It’s the final event that was announced during the game’s first post-launch update video, and one that likely won’t return until this time next year.

So, what is the Animal Crossing wedding season event, and just what exactly can you get your hands on during it? There’s more up for grabs than the museum stamp rally, the last timed event, but it’s also a little bit more involved. The event has you swing by Harv’s Island to snap anniversary shots of Reese and Cyrus, Animal Crossing‘s resident lovey-dovey alpaca couple.

They’ll be annexing Harv’s Island all month long, and they want you to come back every single day to help them capture a whole month of memories on film. So, if you’re hoping to set up your own island chapel or beach bash, here’s how to get the entire wedding theme furniture set during the Animal Crossing wedding event.

How to start the Animal Crossing wedding event

Animal Crossing wedding event
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All you need to kick off the Wedding Season event is a phone call from Harv and a trip to the airport. When you game loads into a new day on June 1, the mellow hippy will give you a call on your NookPhone.

He’s in dire need of a few paws (or hands) to help him set up a wedding scene for Reese and Cyrus. Materials he ordered haven’t arrived, so you’ll have to decorate the set in his house with the items from your catalog and the wedding-appropriate pieces Cyrus has lovingly whipped up for the occasion.

Just like a regular trip to Harv’s island, you can spawn items from the catalog without cost or wait, so there’s no need to prep anything before you jet on over.

How to complete the Animal Crossing wedding event

Animal Crossing wedding event guide
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When you reach the island and get to work, Reese will state the item and color theme she wants you to stick to. At the end of the shoot, she makes mention of other themes she has in mind for subsequent days, so each visit should look a little different. For the first day, she wants things to look pretty traditional — that’s a white and pink color scheme with plenty of the furniture made by Cyrus, which you’ll find in the Event tab of the Catalog in decorate mode.

Reese specifically asks for items from the Cute set on day one, so tossing any of those around that you might have picked up will make her happy, though she’ll presumably be just fine with a set made up of Cyrus’ items if you have nothing else on hand.

You can change between variants of collected catalog items, so it’s worth checking for a pink/white version of catalog items — like the Pot or Stone Lamp. Flower carts and candles are probably a good bet, too.

Once you have the set whipped into shape, stand by the doorway and tap ZL to open up the camera app. Zap yourself out of the shot with the Minus button, select your frame and filter as you would any other photo, and work your magic. Talk to Reese, and she’ll take a look at your last shot. If she likes it, she’ll thank you for a job well done and dish out Heart Fragments as a reward.

Animal Crossing wedding event rewards

Animal Crossing wedding event guide
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After turning in a shot and getting Reese’s approval, she’ll hand over a wedding bench for free alongside some Heart Crystals. You can exchange these for Cyrus’ furniture by talking to him.

You won’t be able to buy the whole set in one go, so you’ll need to help the couple across multiple days. That’s how you can collect enough crystals for any extra pieces you might need to set up your own island chapel for backyard ceremonies (minister not included).

The amount of heart crystals you earn each day depends on how good a job you do setting up the stage, with five being the lowest and 11 being the highest. The most you can earn over 30 days therefor is 426. The lowest? A mere 150.

Full Animal Crossing wedding event item list

The items Cyrus sells in exchange for Heart Crystals grows with each daily shoot you complete, up to a maximum of seven shoots. You’ll have to take part in seven shoots over the event’s monthly duration to unlock the entire set. Reese will also give three unique Wedding-themed rewards as you hit the final milestone; the Reese & Cyrus photo plate after da

Here’s the full list of wedding items and their Heart Crystal cost so far:

Day One

  • White wedding flooring — 12 crystals
  • Blue wedding rug — 4 crystals
  • Wedding decoration (wall) — 5 crystals
  • Wedding bench — 5 crystals
  • White wedding wall — 12 crystals

Day Two

  • Wedding table — 6 crystals
  • Wedding chair — 3 crystals
  • Wedding party wall — 12 crystals

Day Three

  • Wedding flower stand — 4 crystals
  • Wedding candle set — 4 crystals

Day Four

  • Wedding cake — 4 crystals
  • Wedding head table — 6 crystals

Day Five

  • Wedding pipe organ — 40 crystals

Day Six

  • Wedding welcome board — 5 crystals
  • Bridal Veil — 12 crystals

Day Seven

  • Brown wedding flooring — 12 crystals
  • Cake Dress — 20 crystals
  • Green wedding flooring — 12 crystals
  • Green wedding wall — 12 crystals
  • Red wedding flooring — 6 crystals
  • Wedding pumps — 6 crystals
  • Wedding shoes — 6 crystals
  • Wedding tuxedo — 20 crystals
  • White wedding rug — 4 crystals

Animal Crossing wedding event themes

On the first shoot, Reese mentions having other themes in mind for the shots she’ll request as the month goes on. Assuming they’re not randomly selected, here’s an up-to-date list of the themes of the day:

Animal Crossing wedding event themes

  • June 1: Chapel ceremony setting with Cute theme items, white and pink color scheme
  • June 2: Reception setting with Cute theme items, white and pink color scheme
  • June 3: Chapel ceremony setting with Cute theme items, white and pink color scheme

Can you get married during the Animal Crossing wedding event?

Animal Crossing wedding event guide
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While we’re all happy to see Reese and Cyrus proclaim their love for each other every day for the rest of the month, it is a little sad to say you can’t marry your significant other or forcibly wed Raymond and Marina during the wedding day event.

That being said, by taking part in the event over the month of June, you will be able to set up your very own aisles and alters by exchanging Heart Crystals for wedding-themed items. They’ll probably go a long way in securing that 5-star island rating, too. So, if you or your friends have had to postpone a real-life wedding, now’s a great time to set up shop on your island and perform a makeshift marriage. Just watch out for scorpions.

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