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Animal Crossing Museum Day Guide: All stamp locations and rewards

Capping off the events announced in mid-April, Blathers has turned his museum into a funhouse of sorts. To celebrate International Museum Day, everyone’s favorite wide-eyed curator is running a stamp rally, and it wouldn’t be Animal Crossing without a few prizes being up for grabs.

Like the May Day event, there isn’t a whole lot to this one, but the rewards are certainly better than that tiny Mother’s Day mug from a few weeks back. Not that the value of the reward was really the point there.

What is the Museum Day stamp rally and how long is it available for?

Animal Crossing museum day details

A stamp rally is a small activity designed to encourage a proper tour of a venue, exhibit, or event, with a prize usually dished out for those who collect all the stamps on each corresponding card.

In the case of Animal Crossing, Blathers has dropped three stations around three of the exhibits, and it’s up to you to wander around and add each stamp to the cards he gives you upon arrival, while hopefully admiring the displays you’ve helped build up over time.

As for availability, the Museum Day stamp rally follows in the footsteps of every other Animal Crossing: New Horizons event to come before. It’s available until the end of May and can be completed in around 5-10 minutes, so there’s no need to rush.

Do I need the art gallery for museum day?

With Jolly Redd showing up a few weeks prior to Museum Day and convincing Blathers to add a fourth exhibit onto the museum for the dubious fox’s genuine art, you’d think unlocking the art gallery would be a requirement for the full museum day experience. It’s not.

The Animal Crossing Museum Day stamp rally only includes the first three museum exhibits: fish, fossil, and bug. So don’t worry if you haven’t build up (or even unlocked) the art gallery yet. Maybe next year, Michelangelo.

All Museum Day stamp locations

Blathers has set up three Stamp Rally stations in each of the three default exhibits throughout the museum, and it’s up to you to find them. Track them down, stamp the corresponding card, and take each completed set to him for a themed reward. They’re not hard to find. After all, the museum is fairly small.

You won’t have to go filling in holes and chopping down trees in a labyrinth-like the May Day Maze, so don’t worry about missing out. But if you have some trouble tracking every last Stamp Rally station down, we’ve got the full location list down below.

Fish Exhibit

Animal Crossing museum day fish stamp locations
  • The Pond: This is to the bottom right of the first room of the Fish Exhibit.
  • Headwaters: In the top-right area of the first room
  • Icy Sea: In the top-right area of the room to the north of the first, in view of the Butterfly fish

Fossil Exhibit

Animal Crossing museum day fossil stamp locations
  • Aquatic Reptiles: Straight-facing as you enter the second room (after the long corridor entranceway)
  • Pterosaurs: Right by the Aquatic Reptiles stamp station. You can’t miss it.
  • Cenozoic: On the bottom section of the silhouette exhibit in the room to the right of previous

Bug Exhibit

Animal Crossing museum day bug stamp locations
  • Sun-Peek Path: Go up and to the left as you enter the first room. It’s right before a staircase
  • Coconut Corner: Keep going up the stairs and slightly north. You’ll come across the coconut trees and their station
  • Giant Tree: Continue north and walk across the boardwalk to the west. You’ll reach a giant tree. The station is tucked away in the upper-right corner

Animal Crossing Museum Day rewards

Animal Crossing museum day rewards

So what do you get for running this quick little activity for Blathers? Some wall plaques! Your feathered friend will reward your little excursion with a themed plaque (fish, fossil, and bug) for each of the three complete stamp rally cards you hand back to him. You’ll have to hand in each individually, so just keep pestering him until he delivers his dues.

And that’s it, really. Like the last few Animal Crossing New Horizons events, there’s not a whole lot to it. Still, the plagues will go well next to your wall-mounted PhD and stacks of important papers. Raymond will be pleased.

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