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The ‘Anthem’ VIP demo begins January 25, and there’s still time to register

Anthem VIP Demo Trailer

Anthem isn’t set to release for nearly a month, but the game has already “gone gold,” and you can try out a demo beginning January 25. The demo isn’t open to the general public, but you still have time to register before it officially releases.

Called the “VIP Demo,” the small slice of Anthem will be available from January 25 through January 27, and is available to anyone who pre-ordered the game, as well as those with EA Access or Origins Access subscriptions. Those who pre-ordered a digital copy of the game will be given automatic access, while those who pre-ordered from a retailer will have to enter the code they received. It should be available on either your receipt or your confirmation email.

Because of the multiplayer nature of Anthem, those with access to the VIP demo will also be able to invite up to three friends to join them, and everyone who participates will get an extra reward when the game launches on February 22.

EA developers have also been giving away codes with access to the demo on their Twitter accounts, including narrative director Cameron Dayton and global community manager Jesse Anderson, and Twitch streamers have been getting in on the giveaway action, as well.

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If you miss out on the first pre-launch demo for Anthem or don’t want to commit to a subscription or pre-order, you can still try it out for free beginning February 1. The second demo will run through February 3 and will not have any restrictions on who can join.

The demo will begin players at level 10, which will give them access to more powerful equipment and weapons than they would get if they were placed at the start of the game. BioWare said that it will feature missions and “a slice of the world.”

You can, however, play the full version of Anthem early if you have an Origin Access Premiere subscription, which costs $100 per year. The full game will unlock on February 15 this way, while standard Origin Access and EA Access members will get a 10-hour trial beginning on the same day.

Anthem will be available on February 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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