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Mass Effect skins breathe new life into Anthem — for a limited time

Mass Effect in Anthem

As part of BioWare’s annual Mass Effect celebration, N7 Day, the developer is now offering four themed Javelin skins in Anthem. You’ll also find a new emote within the in-game store along with a Mass Effect: Andromeda-themed wrap. You can grab these items until November 12.

For starters, the new Storm Javelin skin resembles Dr. Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect 3, an Asari researcher focusing on Prothean technology. Meanwhile, the new Ranger Javelin skin resembles Garrus Vakarian from the same game, a Turian and formerly part of C-Sec’s Investigation Division.

New skins for the Colossus and Interceptor Javelins aren’t quite so character-specific, however. The new Colossus skin turns the Javelin into a Krogan while the new Interceptor skin resembles a Quarian.

Each skin sells for 61,000 Coins or 850 Shards. That means they’re roughly $8 each, though Shards cost $10 for a pack of 1050.

As for other Mass Effect-themed goodies, Anthem gamers can acquire a Mass Effect: Andromeda-themed wrap. It enhances the new themed Javelin skins so they resemble armor worn in the Andromeda Initiative. This wrap costs 36,000 Coins or 600 Shards.

Finally, gamers can purchase the Shepard Shuffle emote. It’s an awkward dance performed by Commander Shepard in the first three Mass Effect games. This emote costs 23,000 Coins or 475 Shards.

N7 Day typically falls on November 7. The name refers to the default N7 armor worn by players (Shephard) in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Players can also create the set in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The first annual celebration began on November 7, 2012, to celebrate Mass Effect’s five-year anniversary.

Anthem initially appeared at the end of 2018 but didn’t go worldwide until February for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. The game experienced a rough start followed by thinning player numbers. Electronic Arts released the Cataclysm expansion during August in hopes of re-engaging former players. Lead producer Ben Irving departed shortly thereafter followed by Bioware’s head of live services Chad Robertson.

As for other N7 Day-specific festivities, BioWare says it now offers a series of short videos highlighting its team members. Last year BioWare posted a short video on Twitter featuring General Manager Casey Hudson, who seemingly teased a new Mass Effect game by flashing a mug printed with Commander Shepard’s “I Should Go” line along its side.

“[N7] means coming into the studio every day, dreaming about what the next great Mass Effect game will be,” he said with a smile and then turns to his PC.

Apparently it also means cramming new Mass Effect skins into BioWare’s struggling Anthem game.

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