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Arcade1Up launches new Pro Series cabinets starting with Killer Instinct

Arcade1Up announced a few new entries for its officially licensed arcade cabinet line this year at CES 2022. The new line includes completely new cabinets and special editions of previously existing cabinets. The biggest addition to its product line is a Killer Instinct “Pro Series” arcade cabinet.

Arcade1Up is a company dedicated to releasing affordable arcade units based on iconic cabinets from the classic era. It has launched various titles from beat em’ ups like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time to classics like Tron and NBA Jam, being hailed as a company that’s contributed to the revamping of retro gaming. CES showcased even more releases coming this year from 1Up.

Arcade1Up's Pro Series Killer Instinct arcade cabinet stands against a brick wall.

The company revealed its new Pro Series brand of cabinets at CES, beginning with a Killer Instinct variation. This new cabinet features a new 19-inch LCD screen that provides a 5:4 arcade aspect ratio​, upgraded Suzohapp buttons and joysticks, new speakers, and access to online multiplayer.

Killer Instinct isn’t the only game available to play on this new Pro Series cab. The machine comes packed with Killer Instinct 2Battletoads Arcade, Battletoads 8-bit, and Battletoads 16-bit.

Along with the new Killer Instinct Pro Series unit, Arcade1Up announced a few other cabinets set to release this year. These arcades include the Atari Legacy Arcade Machine Centipede Edition, the Bandai Namco Legacy Arcade Machine Pac-Mania Edition, and the Midway Legacy Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition.

You can find more about these upcoming arcade machines, as well as find a retailer for the cabinets near you, on the Arcade1Up website.

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