Atari Unveils Act of War: High Treason Demo

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Atari yesterday made available for download a playable demo of its upcoming PC RTS game Act of War: High Treason. The game itself, which is a sequel to Act of War: Direct Action, will be available this spring.

In Act of War: High Treason, said Atari, players command huge armies of high tech solders and modern day weaponry on future battlefields. New features in this sequel include 35 additional units and upgrades, modern naval combat, customizable multiplayer games, mercenary units, an improved control system, revised aircraft and artillery and a 34 mission new single player campaign.

“With an all-new campaign and a host of new features and upgrades, including expanded multiplayer options and naval combat, Act of War: High Treason further raises the quality bar for modern-day RTS games,” said Rick Mehler, Global Director, Brand Marketing, Atari Inc, in a statement.