Batman: Arkham City riddles you a new trailer


The Riddler’s physical form was notably absent from Batman: Arkham Asylum. He was a constant presence throughout the game, taunting the Dark Knight at every turn with a string of location-based puzzles that could be solved for revealing insight into the comic book’s lore, but he never actually made a personal appearance. That’s not the case in Rocksteady Studios‘ upcoming sequel Batman: Arkham City, as most of us already knew and as a newly released trailer highlights.

The minute-and-a-half video feels like a series of Saw outtakes, only with the Riddler’s maniacal ravings playing over them. Cool to see some old school deathtraps with spinning saws and the like in a Batman game. You even get the briefest of glimpses at the green-clad villain himself, once as a hologram and then again in the flesh, only with his back turned. There’s not too much insight into how his character factors into the story yet, but there’s plenty of ambiance here to when your appetite for the October 2011 release.

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