‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ adds new difficulty mode, leaves Gotham for ‘Initiation’ DLC

batman arkham origins adds new difficulty mode leaves gotham for initiation dlc sept 18 3

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Season Pass reveal for Batman: Arkham Origins confirmed the existence of a mysterious item of downloadable content called Initiation, and now we’ve got some details on what it is, via Eurogamer. Sticking with the game’s theme of exploring the Dark Knight’s origins, Initiation sends the up-and-coming vigilante off to a monastery in Asia where he’s trained by Kirigi, the same martial artist that trained Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassins.

It’s an all-new location, and the first time one of these Arkham games has ever ventured outside of Gotham City. Initiation is meant to be Bruce Wayne’s first real test as a badass vigilante-type. He’s not mixing it up with the League of Assassins, but he’s learning all of those trademark moves that make him such a nightmare figure to Gotham’s criminal underworld.

It is also now confirmed that Arkham Origins features a new “I Am the Night” difficulty setting. Unlocking alongside New Game+ only after you’ve completed the campaign for the first time, I Am the Night offers up a challenge for the hardcore, with Batman only having one life before it’s game over. Players will be able to save in this mode, but there’s no option to reload your progress if Bats bites the bullet.

Batman: Arkham Origins comes to PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on October 25, 2013.