‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ DLC offers Bruce Wayne’s final test

batman arkham origins season pass expands the dark knights story and wardrobe sept 18 2

Batman: Arkham Origins will be expanding post-release with an assortment of DLC, all of which will be available in a bundled Season Pass package for $19.99. It’ll be available on all platforms that the game is coming to: PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

The Season Pass comes with a number of items, but only some of it amounts to playable add-on content. There are two skins packs – New Millennium Skins Pack and Infinite Earth Skins Pack – each of which add five Batman costumes and one Robin costume to the game. The pass also includes the “Initiation” DLC, in which you “play as Bruce Wayne in his final test,” and an unrevealed story expansion. All of the above items will be sold a la carte in your virtual marketplace of choice, but Season Pass owners will also receive a pair of exclusive costumes: Gotham By Gaslight Batman and Brightest Day Batman.

As these season pass deals go, this one probably ranks a bit lower on the spectrum than most unless you’re a bigtime Batman fan. The skins are only usable in the campaign after you’ve completed the story for the first time. They’ve also been available in Challenge Mode in the previous two games. Arkham Origins adds a multiplayer mode as well, but it’s not clear if the skins are usable there.

If you’re just interested in content that adds new chunks of game to play, it’s probably preferable to just buy the unrevealed story expansion and the Initiation DLC (whatever that is) a la carte.