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Gotham Knights Knighthood guide: how to unlock the glider and other traversal abilities

There are numerous ways to get around the city in Gotham Knights, but the most efficient method is locked behind a separate progression system called Knighthood. Early on, players can utilize the Batcycle, grappling hook, fast travel, or even travel on foot to get around. While these methods work just fine, you’ll want to gain access to the enhanced traversal system by reaching Knighthood. These different means of getting around look different across the four playable characters. For instance, Batgirl can glide, while Robin utilizes a teleporting device created by Justice League technology.

But how exactly does Knighthood work and what do you need to do to unlock the new traversal abilities? Here’s what you need to know.

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Knighthood requirements

The four heroes of Gotham Knights walking in a purple street below text of the game's title.

There are three main requirements to Knighthood that can be completed at any time during a playthrough. These are not missable and the game tells you what you need to do within the Challenges menu.

Complete the Timed Strike tutorial

Within the Belfry, make your way over to the training area by the dummy. Under the Advanced Training menu, you’ll see a Timed Strikes tutorial, which requires you to perform five standard and heavy Timed Strikes attacks.

Stop 10 Premeditated Crimes

Premeditated Crimes are ones that you can gather intel for on the previous night’s patrol. As you engage with regular Crimes, be sure to scan your enemies ahead of time. You’ll then come across certain enemies with a question mark above their heads, indicating you can interrogate them for information. Doing so will unlock a Premeditated Crime, which will appear on the next night’s patrol. These are indicated by a red marker on the map. Once you stop 10 of these, you’ll earn credit towards Knighthood. Keep in mind, you likely won’t come across 10 enemies to interrogate within one night’s patrol, so be prepared to spend a bit of time on this one, unfortunately.

Defeat 3 Enforcers

Enforcers are heavy enemies that appear as part of Crimes, so be sure to keep an eye out for them as you gather intel for Premeditated Crimes. You’ll probably come across these naturally as you grind for XP and gear.

How to unlock new traversal abilities

After you’ve met the requirements listed above, visit the Belfry and you’ll see a new icon tied to the character you’re playing as. These appear in locations all around the Belfry, so walk towards them, interact with them, and you’ll get a short cutscene. You then have to interact with Batman’s mask and you’ll gain access to whichever traversal ability corresponds to a particular character.

  • Batgirl: Glider
  • Nightwing: Glider
  • Robin: Teleporter
  • Red Hood: Mystical Leap

Unfortunately, Knighthood progression does not carry over across each character, meaning you need to meet the requirements four separate times to unlock everyone’s traversal ability. Hope you like stopping crimes!

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