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Evo 2022: How to watch, what to expect

After two years of being confined to online competitions thanks to COVID-19, Evo is back with a physical event and accompanying livestream. With Sony’s purchase of the tournament and a new general manager in Combo Breaker Director Rick “The Hadou,” this year’s event promises to be a proper return to form.

PlayStation Tournaments - Evo Lounge Trailer

Evo 2022 features tons of different mainstage fighting game competitions along with various announcements and smaller side tournaments. Those at home can also tune into the Evo Lounge livestream to see the competition, interviews with pro players, and new game reveals. Here’s how to watch it and what to expect.

When is Evo 2022?

Evo 2022 is set to take place this weekend from August 5 to August 7, 2022. The event is split into many different streams for the many games being competed in, and it’ll run from morning to night each day as always. The Evo Lounge show will run on August 5 and August 6.

How to watch Evo 2022

There are various streams for the many games and competitions being held which you can find the schedule for here. Smaller games that have tournaments but aren’t being played on the main stage have a stream schedule you can find here. PlayStation is also hosting the Evo Lounge live show that will cover exciting moments from Evo and include reveals from companies like Capcom, SNK, and Arc System Works. You can catch that on the official PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels.

What to expect from Evo 2022

The main draw of Evo is the various fighting game tournaments there to showcase the best competition from across the globe. With this year’s main games being Street Fighter 5 (in its last big showing before the release of Street Fighter 6.), Guilty Gear Strive, King of Fighters 15Skullgirls, MultiVersus, and more, there’s a lot to look forward to.

There are also tons of announcements in plenty of areas as well. Arc System Works, Warner Bros. Games, Capcom, SNK, and Bandai Namco Entertainment have each confirmed announcements for the show that could include DLC content for their games, new tournament series, and possibly completely new titles. It’s a good idea to expect tons of fighting game news on the horizon.

What not to expect from Evo 2022

When it comes to Evo, everything is on the table. There are tons of hype moments on the way thanks to the tournaments and a wide array of announcements that could happen at the event. Just keep your hopes relatively realistic and take possible announcement leaks with a grain of salt.

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