Batman: Arkham Origins gets Mr. Freeze DLC in April

batman arkham origins gets mr freeze dlc april 2014 city

The previously teased Batman: Arkham Origins add-on content featuring Mr. Freeze is now official, bearing the title Cold, Cold Heart and an April 22 release date on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It explores the history of Batman’s relationship with the icy supervillain, taking a look at what we presume will be their first proper encounter. The newly released trailer – specifically, the image of the “Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year” trophy – suggests that Cold, Cold Heart draws some inspiration from the Mr. Freeze origin story established in Batman: The Animated Series.

The trailer pops up at around the one-minute mark in the latest episode of DC Entertainment’s DC All Access Web series. It’s followed by a brief chat about what to expect from the DLC. It’s a proper story mission set in Arkham Origins‘ open world of Gotham City. Batman dons a new suit in the early going of the add-on content – an “XC” suit, that protects against extreme conditions – that helps keep him safe and non-hypothermic in his struggle against Freeze.

Check out the trailer in the below embed.