Gearbox reveals Battleborn story mode and more alongside pre-E3 trailer

Last month we reported that Battleborn publisher Take-Two Interactive would have news to share on the upcoming game before E3, and it looks like that is indeed the case.

Gearbox revealed new details on the title, as well as a new trailer titled “For Every Kind Of Badass.” One of these details is that the game will feature 25 unique playable characters. As you play, these characters grow stronger by way of the game’s Helix system.

There has also been progress with another newly-announced feature of the game — its story mode. While the game still appears to be heavily focused on multiplayer, players will be able to play through the story mode or with three other players, or online, or locally via split-screen. Gearbox makes it clear that the entire campaign can be played solo, and that players can replay completed missions for better loot.

Turning to multiplayer, there are three different modes. Incursion sees teams defending their bases from waves of AI-controlled minions while attempting to take down the enemy’s base. If you’re a Dota 2 or League of Legends player, this probably sounds familiar.

The next mode, Devastation, is a tip of the hat to classic shooters, as it mixes team deathmatch with capture-and-hold gameplay. The final mode, Meltdown, sees players defending their minions as they make their way to an incinerator located in the middle of the map. Points are scored for minions that successfully throw themselves into the incinerator.

While many games these days tend to use round-based progression, and some of that may still find its way into Battleborn, Gearbox has announced a “Persistent Progression System” for the game. This allows heroes to level from 1 to 10 permanently outside of missions and matches. Players can also level up their player profile, earning badges and titles “to impress friends” as well as loot that can be equipped on any character the player controls.

Still more on Battleborn is yet to come. Take-Two has said that the game is coming to E3 “in a big way,” so we’re sure we’ll see more details on the game later this month.