Battleborn invites you to laugh in death’s stupid face, comes out February 2016

Battleborn has been a game worth keeping an eye on since its launch, even before we knew exactly what it was. With each new piece of information and trailer released, the game seems more interesting. Now we know exactly how long we’ll have to wait to get our hands on the game and see how it plays.

A new trailer for the game, titled “Can’t Get Enough” was released on the Battleborn website. There is plenty there that we’ve seen before, sprinkled with a lot of new tidbits, but there is one piece of information that is entirely new: a release date of Feb. 9, 2016.

While it initially appeared to be a MOBA-inspired competitive shooter, Battleborn has gained five-player co-op and even single-player in the past few months. The game will feature 25 playable characters at launch, four of which were newly announced for Gamescom.

Ambra is a “specialist hero, dealing damage up close through her melee attacks and powerful abilities, while healing her allies in the process,” while Mellka is an assassin that “strikes quickly, disorienting foes with her nerve gas machine pistol and bio-glaive melee attacks.”

Space pirate Reyna “dishes damage with her laser pistol and uses her command glove to support her teammates,” and Benedict is a member of a bird-like race who also happens to be “a self-centered jackass that’s capable of astounding destruction with his rocket launcher.”

The game will feature three different competitive multiplayer modes at launch as well as a story mode that can be played alone or with friends. For those playing the console versions of the game, you can even play split-screen.

Battleborn will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. An open beta will run before the game’s launch, but there is no word yet on when that will be. Considering the February release date, we’re expecting the beta some time this fall.

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