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How does the Call-In System work in Battlefield 2042?

Getting around Battlefield’s gigantic maps has always been a challenge, but Battlefield 2042 makes great strides in remedying the issue with its new Call-In System. Whether you’re stuck in the middle of a desert and need some wheels or want some serious firepower to battle an incoming tank, there’s no shortage in the flexibility allowed by the Call-In System.

If you’re looking to quickly climb the leaderboard and help your squad reach victory, here’s what you need to know about the Call-In System in Battlefield 2042.

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What is the Call-In System in Battlefield 2042?

A World War 2 plane flies over Battlefield 2042's robots.
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The Call-In System gives Battlefield 2042 players a hassle-free way to get a vehicle, tank, or other useful items without having to scour the map. It’s primarily used by players who find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere — instead of spending several minutes running to the next objective, the Call-In System gives you nearly instant access to a network of vehicles.

In other words, the Call-In System is a simple way to get supplies dropped to your location. Some items are locked behind higher skill levels, but all players will have immediate access to a few vehicles that make traversal much less painful than it was in past Battlefield installments.

Beyond vehicles, players also have access to a Ranger — a four-legged drone that will follow you around and attack nearby enemies.

How does the Call-In System work?

A helicopter flies over tanks in Battlefield 2042.
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Using the Call-In System is simple, although a few nuances go unmentioned during the early tutorials of Battlefield 2042. First, you’ll need to pull up the in-game Call-In menu by pressing B on PC or holding RB/R1 on consoles. With the menu open, you’ll see a list of gear available for airdrop. Simply select the vehicle or item you want to be delivered, pick a drop-off location, and wait a few seconds.

Because your Call-In selection takes a few moments to arrive, it’s good practice to only use the menu when you’re not directly under fire. Calling in a vehicle in the middle of a firefight is typically a recipe for disaster, as the other team can hijack your delivery or destroy it. And — if you’re not careful — they could wipe out your entire squad before it even arrives.

While the Call-In System makes it easy to get gear delivered to your exact location, there are a few limitations. For starters, you’ll need to wait for a countdown timer to reset after each use. The timer only runs for about a minute, but you’ll want to be careful about your selection so you don’t find yourself sitting around waiting for the timer to reset.

You’ll also have to contend with the availability of Call-In items. For example, every player on your team cannot call in a tank — only a few are allowed active on the battlefield at any given time. The number of available units is noted on the Call-In menu, so check back frequently if the vehicle you’re looking for is currently out of stock.

Aside from those two restrictions, there’s no limit to how you can use the Call-In System. Be sure to take full advantage of it during a match to quickly zip from objective to objective and help your team claim victory.

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