Behold, Halo 4’s cover art has been revealed

Halo 4 cover artMicrosoft and 343 Industries are playing dirty. The Halo community is one of the most vibrant and lively around, and with the imminent release of Halo 4 this November the fans are looking for any pieces of news, footage, or general information about what to expect from the now Bungie-less series being developed by a group specifically made up of people whose only goal in life is to make excellent Halo games.

The publisher and developer decided to leverage this heightened level of attention and began to send out a series of emails, each with a chunk of artwork that read “Your piece of the Halo 4 puzzle,” knowing that Halo fans couldn’t resist such tantalizing bait.

The fans then rallied and went to NeoGAF, where they worked together to reveal what turned out to be the cover art for Halo 4, and pretty sweet cover art at that (see above).

That’s dirty pool Microsoft and 343 Industries, cleverly making fans of Halo cooperate. How dare you bring fans together. Expect to hear more on Halo 4 at this E3, then look for it exclusively on the Xbox 360 on November 6.