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A Halo Infinite player has glitched into the game’s campaign co-op

Through a complicated series of steps, a Halo Infinite player has managed to glitch a broken version of campaign co-op.

1. Infinite must be offline
2. Connect second controller
3. Sign into an Xbox account
4. Start campaign with controller 1
5. In game, hit start and then back
6. On second controller, hit start to add the second player to the fireteam
7. Halo infinite co-op enabled!

— nobleactual (@nobleactual4) December 17, 2021

When Halo Infinite launched on December 8, it infamously didn’t include two staple features of the franchise: Co-op campaign and Forge mode. However, by following some very complex instructions, players can at least see what co-op campaign in the game might look like. According to nobleactual4 on Twitter, players can launch the game offline and use two controllers to launch a co-op campaign session.

While it would be nice if players could abuse this exploit to actually play through Halo Infinite‘s campaign with each other, the co-op session launched this way is quite broken. The second player in the session has no HUD and multiple elements of the game’s open world, including its forward operating bases and the story missions players can start, are unusable and unplayable.

All the same, this glitch poses the question of why campaign co-op isn’t in Halo Infinite just yet. The feature is planned to release in the game alongside one of its seasonal updates, meaning that players will likely be able to play the game’s campaign together sometime in the middle of 2022. Seasons in Halo Infinite are extremely long, with the game’s first season lasting until May 2, 2022.

Although campaign co-op and forge mode are far in the horizon for Halo Infinite, developer 343 Industries has been hard at work adjusting the game according to fan feedback. Halo Infinite‘s most recent patch added individual playlists for game modes like slayer and free for all and adjusted some of the game’s challenges.

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