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The best Halo Infinite Forge maps

Forge has finally come to Halo Infinite, allowing players to craft their own PvP maps and share them with others. But this time around, your new capabilities – particularly the grappling hook – mean that Forge maps can be much more creative (and challenging). Of course, others love Forge because they can find their favorite maps from Halos past, now recreated to enjoy again.

Don’t worry – we’ve picked both new and old fan favorites for our list, along with where you can download these Forge maps. Take a look and try them out for your holiday gaming sessions! When you download, note which modes the maps are designed to support, because your PvP options may be limited in some cases.

Eternity from Paimon

Eternity from Paimon Halo map.

It’s easy to start with the gorgeous Eternity map, which has been featured as an example of just what you can do in Forge mode with just a little patience. It’s a tight map around a marble tower designed for snappy PvP and some interesting possibilities with the grappling hook. There’s a good reason it has been so highly rated.

Download Here

Lockout Remake from Uneeq

Lockout Remake from Uneeq map in Halo.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good Lockout map? It’s no surprise this Halo 2 map has been remade over and over again in Forge, and now it looks better than ever. It’s also a very versatile map, suitable for a variety of classic Halo modes with plenty to love for even new players. The verticality of Lockout also opens up new possibilities with the grappling hook.

Download Here

Curfew from Sikamikanico and BlazeDillon

Curfew map from Sikamikanico and BlazeDillon.

You may recognize this map as Precinct from Halo 5, now remastered and improved for Halo Infinite. It’s an interesting asymmetrical map designed to look like a dangerous dystopian city, a cyberpunk-like maze that can be easy to get lost in for newcomers … and treacherous for competitive players. That makes it particularly fun for Halo veterans looking for something fun.

Download Here

Chargearound: Haven from Darkmaiming

Chargearound - Haven map from Darkmaiming.

This is a remake of the Haven map from Halo 4. It’s a particularly beautiful recreation with a lot of possibilities for Slayer, CTF, and Oddball. The spacious areas and interesting angles continue to make this a favorite map for all kinds of PvP experimentation, with enough space to support lots of fun gameplay.

Download Here

Rapture from Fort

Rapture Halo map from Fort.

This FFA map was designed to mimic Rapture from Bioshock (another thing we’ve seen in Forge’s past), and it does an eerily good job. If you miss fighting in those claustrophobic, retro underwater ruins, you can play here to relive those days and have some crazy fun with friends.

Download Here

Hoodlum from CertifiedChamp

Hoodlum map from CertifiedChamp.

This 4v4 Strongholds map was partially inspired by City 17 in Half-Life 2 and provides an engaging city space to play around in. The map includes vehicles and has a number of tighter paths where they can’t travel, allowing for plenty of inventive options for ambushes, escapes, and bold attacks. Expect the unexpected with this map!

Download Here

Repul Soccer from Bob_Is_Here

Repul Soccer map from Bob_Is_Here.

The Rocket League inspiration is easy to spot with this unique map. It’s designed to allow players to play their own version of soccer with repulsors, and it’s an amazing map for taking time off more competitive modes and just having some unique fun, courtesy of Halo Infinite’s physics.

Download Here

Final Destination | 20XX from MadManEpic

Final Destination | 20XX Halo map from MadManEpic.

This map is designed for pros to show their skills and have a blast at the same time. It features several unique rules, including high health, infinite grapple shots, and high-knockback grenades. The result is a match where you are constantly getting blown off the perilous structure and grappling back on while trying to take your opponent down. It’s an excellent utilization of Forge tools for those who have been practicing their Infinite skills.

Download Here

Glacial from Abyssalsoda

Glacial map from Abyssalsoda.

Those looking for a wide-open, landscape-oriented map with plenty of room for vehicles to have fun should check out Glacial. It looks cool, it’s reminiscent of those big Halo 1 maps, and it’s great for BTB games of all kinds. The more you explore, the more you’ll find cool little hiding spots, shortcuts, rooms with weapons, and more!

Download Here

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