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The best Roblox games

The long-lasting impact of Roblox is rooted in its thousands of creations made by small development studios (and sometimes just one or two people). In its most basic format, Roblox is a free platform that is home to user-created content, all made using its creation tools. Because of its ease of use, more than 50 million monthly players come to Roblox to play, create, and share. The experiences run the gamut, including action adventures, simulations, social hangouts, and even shooters to enjoy.

But with so many games to choose from — many of which are admittedly amateur in terms of design and fun — it can be easy to miss some of the best games. Not to worry, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best Roblox games, many of which are varied in genre and theme. Keep in mind, there are countless games that are worth your time, but this list will cover some of our favorites.

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Hide and Seek Extreme

The beauty of Hide and Seek Extreme is that it’s easy to jump in and play. Practically everyone knows how to play Hide and Seek, and the same rules apply here. In it, you play with other people online as part of two groups. Either you’re hiding or you’re seeking. If you’re seeking, it means you’re “It” and are tasked with searching the map for other players. If you’re hiding, you get a few minutes at the beginning of the round to find the best hiding spot you can. It’s a lot of fun, especially if the person who’s It walks right past you as you take cover in your hiding spot. Currently this game has over 1.1 billion visits, making it one of the most popular creations in Roblox.

Counter Blox

Maybe you need a little bit more action in your games. If so, Counter Blox might be something to try. This Counter Strike-inspired 5v5 competitive shooter sends players battling it out on a variety of maps and game modes. This feels just like Counter Strike, even down to the movement, visuals, and shooting. It’s impressive how close it is to the source material, and it’s constantly updated with new content like maps and gear. This is an example of a game that handles in-game purchases correctly, allowing players to buy cosmetic items that don’t give an unfair advantage.

Work at a Pizza Place

If you’ve played Roblox, you’ve likely seen or heard of Work at a Pizza Place. It’s a cooking game that effectively throws you into the role of an employee at a pizza restaurant. Your goal is to fulfill customers’ orders correctly, without making any mistakes. As you take orders, you make money, which can be used to expand the shop. Think Overcooked! but with a twist. There are lots of different roles you can take on, from delivery driver to cashier. You must coordinate with your team to feed the hungry people without messing up the order. At over 2.5 billion visits, this is certainly up there in terms of Roblox popularity.

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Ever wanted to build your own theme park? If so, you’d probably like Roblox’s Theme Park Tycoon 2. It’s been a while since the last mainline RollerCoaster Tycoon game, but Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a great park sim to fill that void. It features a massive creation suite that allows you to make the wackiest parks and rides. It’s an incredibly elaborate game, giving you the ability to put together massive roller coasters to torture the theme park attendees with. There’s something satisfying and kind of morbid about sending your riders across death-defying loops and heights, but it’s all in good fun, right?


What started as a simple idea of “what if we made a game about breaking out of jail?” quickly turned into one of the most robust Roblox offerings. At over 3.8 billion views, Jailbreak is an incredibly popular experience that not only tests your skills as a criminal, but does so in a huge open world. Escaping from jail and avoiding the police isn’t your only goal though. You’ll be tasked with collecting cash throughout the city, leveling up your character, and driving vehicles to meet your goals. With it being one of the most played Roblox games, you’ll find constant content updates and bug fixes to keep players coming back.


Playing action-packed adventures can get tiresome, which is where relaxing games like MeepCity come into play. It’s described as “a social hangout/role-play game,” wherein you play on large servers with other players. MeepCity shares similarities with Club Penguin and Disney’s Toontown Online, and you can see clear inspirations drawn in its features. In it, you’ll be hanging out with friends virtually, selling flowers, fishing, and collecting furniture for your home much like Nintendo’s own Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you’re looking for a chill game, this is one to check out.

Murder Mystery 2

If you’ve played modern competitive shooters, you’re likely familiar with versions of the Infected game mode. Murder Mystery 2 plays similarly but adds in a bit of sleuthing to make things interesting. You spawn as one of three roles: The sheriff, murderer, or innocents. Depending on your role, your job will change. The murderer must — well — murder, while the innocents are tasked with witnessing the murderer and telling the sheriff so they can apprehend the crime doer. It’s a surprisingly complex multiplayer game, but at 2.8 billion visits, it doesn’t seem to be steering people away with its complexities.


Out of all the games on this list, RooM is the creation that looks and plays the most like the game it’s inspired by. In case you couldn’t tell, RooM is a reimagining of the classic DOOM games, and the two look indistinguishable. You’ll do all the things you’d expect, like slaying demons, collecting powerups, and jamming to a kickin’ metal soundtrack. This game faced some copyright issues in the past for obvious reasons, but is currently still available to play on Roblox.

Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is similar to The Sims in that you simulate a life for yourself, complete with a house and career. The play-to-pay premium game has been around since 2014, but it feels like a full game even though it’s still in beta mode. Before you can launch construction on your house, you need to get funds by doing one of the 12 available jobs. You could be a woodcutter, a cashier, a hairdresser, or something else. After you’re a pro at your job, you’ll get the money you need to build your house, buy cars, and add other extras to improve your game life. The game is very popular and has  2.8 billion visits online, so you know you’ll always be gaming with others. 

Adopt Me!

Nothing goes viral faster than animal content, so it should come as no surprise that Adopt Me! is one of the most viral games on the platform. The game, which has racked up over 8.5 billion visits, is a role-playing game where you adopt and care for animals. And we mean any kind of animal, from puppies to monkeys to unicorns. Caretaking includes interior decorating, house building, and more.

Like similar roleplaying games, you are responsible for keeping your pets alive, and you have to feed them, clean them, and play with them like you would a real pet. Unlike with your real pet, though, good care can earn you cash rewards. According to the game’s developers, one of the ultimately goals is to encourage real-life adoptions for animals who need a home.

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