Our favorite strange 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' videos

The basic premise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is simply “don’t get killed,” and nearly every match is a tense cat-and-mouse affair, with players searching for targets while simultaneously trying to avoid unwanted attention. This has been enough to keep players glued to their PCs for dozens of hours, perfecting their shots and scouting the best possible areas of the map, but others have made their own fun in more creative ways. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the creative, unique, and downright strange things we’ve seen in the game thus far.

Hidden in plain sight

You could spend your time in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sneaking around the map and picking off targets with a silenced rifle, but why do that when you can just hide in plain sight? YouTuber Brexico decided to put his camouflage skills to the test by parking a buggy directly on top of a bush. The shrubbery clips through his vehicle, effectively hiding him from view unless another player walks directly up to him.

As the play area closes around him, other players arrive and begin firing at each other, but they complete ignore the buggy, which is periodically losing its tires as they glitch through the ground. But the area then constricts even further, and two players approach either side of the buggy … and they walk by without giving it a second thought. Brexico and his partner can’t believe it.

With only two other players remaining, he waits for the perfect opportunity: a lucky grenade throw that eliminates one of his opponents. From there, all he has to do is fire a couple of rounds and he secures his chicken dinner. Something the best strategy is to do nothing at all.

Vehicular manslaughter

It’s difficult enough to claim the illusive “chicken dinner” when you’re making full use of the weaponry available in PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds, but Valefisk took things a step further. He decided to play an entire match with only a car as his weapon — using guns and other melee tools, including fists, was outlawed.

Acting like the villain in Spielberg’s Duel, Valefisk finds a dune buggy and chases after a lone player who had taken refuge in a small garage. Of course, this is no problem for the buggy, which flies through the open door and lands on top of the poor guy. After biding his time and letting the other players kill each other off, he eventually finds an enormous rock, which he uses to conceal himself, along with his buggy, from enemies in an open field.

As the play area begins to tighten, he makes his move, running over defenseless players who can’t avoid getting hit. The last man standing eventually reveals himself and tries to gun Valefisk down before he can reach him, but Valefisk’s tire clips him and he is victorious. Who knew something with a name as cute as “buggy” could be so deadly?

Do as you’re told

Normally, strangers in multiplayer games are belligerent. It’s incredibly difficult to get anyone to work together if they don’t already know each. But StoneMountain managed to convince his teammates to follow his “orders” using an authoritative military voice and jargon that we can only assume means something. Do officers actually yell, “green light” before sending paratroopers out of a moving plane? We don’t know, and neither do the people he’s playing with.

As StoneMountain and his two subordinates make their way into a hostile building, a firefight breaks out. One of his allies is killed in the crossfire, leading to an emotional moment as the remaining squad members mourn over his lifeless corpse.

“He was too young,” StoneMountain says through tears.

The squad then move into an industrial area with large shipping crates and metal pipes on the ground, at which point a second gunfight breaks out. StoneMountain asks squad member “Pizza” to confirm his kills — we’re not sure that’s the best code name for a soldier. The strategic play does get them to the final moments of the match, but they’re sadly gunned down just before securing their chicken dinner.


With an open, ever-evolving game like Battlegrounds, some bizarre rumors have sprung up from players trying to get any edge they can in multiplayer matches. Most of them, however, are just stories. DefendTheHouse’s “Myths” series tests out a few of these in-game legends to determine their legitimacy once and for all … or until the game receives a new update.

While you won’t die from a care package falling on your head, you do have to watch out for anyone wielding a frying pan on their rear. Crossbow bolts do no damage against such a hefty piece of cast-iron.

Vehicles won’t offer you the same protection. In fact, with a well-timed punch, you can actually be knocked out of a speeding car. Your chances of survival might not be any higher on a motorcycle, but you can impress everyone with a sick double backflip.

Peace and harmony

Sometimes, it’s best to take a break from murdering your fellow man and instead take a moment to just appreciate the finer things in life. In Battlegrounds, this means teaming up with dozens of other players in order to cause as much synchronized chaos as possible. DooM49 got 50 players together in order to see what’s possible when everyone is working together in unison, and the results are surprisingly impressive.

After sending everyone off in a huge convoy across a bridge, the cars halt and become an obstacle for an Evel Knievel-like jump. They then speed toward a lake a few hundred yards away, but not before a number of vehicles are sent flipping end over end. But it’s what happens next that is truly amazing.

PlayerUnknown and the team at Bluehole likely didn’t anticipate players using the game as an outlet for synchronized dance, but that’s exactly what DooM49 decided to do. Swimming in a perfect circle, the group closes in and bunches together before branching out and expanding once more. It’s almost beautiful enough to bring a tear to your eye.