BioShock: Infinite shows off its gameplay

bioshock infinite shows off its gameplay bio

We might have to wait a few months… ok, years, before we actually get our hands on the next BioShock game, but that isn’t stopping Irrational Games from tickling your fancy and building the anticipation.

Announced just last month, the makers of the original BioShock are returning to the property (2K Marin developed BioShock 2) to bring us a prequel of sorts. The exact relationship between the floating city of Columbia in 1912, and Andrew Ryan’s sunken utopia of Rapture in 1960 is unknown, but the general gameplay mechanics seem to be similar, and the concept of plasmids- the liquid that gives you special abilities appears to return as well.

The trailer, which was leaked online yesterday, then quickly removed through legal kung-fu, debuted today on Xbox Live. In it, we see the protagonist, former Pinkerton Agent Booker DeWitt, searching for Elizabeth, who he has been sent to Columbia to rescue.

Check out the trailer below, then patiently wait until sometime in 2012 when BioShock: Infinite is released on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.