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BioWare staff hints at studio's presence at today's PlayStation Meeting

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Today, Sony will hold its PlayStation Meeting event, which is assumed to center around new hardware like PlayStation VR and PlayStation Neo. However, there’s now reason to believe that some of Sony’s third-party partners might be bringing new software to the event as well.

Late last night, BioWare creative director Mac Walters took to Twitter to instruct a major fan account to “stay tuned” to Sony’s event. Several other members of the studio have also made comments related to the presentation on social media.

Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay designer Manveer Heir wrote “today is gonna be a fun day,” earlier this morning, according to a report from Gamespot. The game’s producer, Michael Gamble, also called attention to today’s date in a tweet published shortly after Walters’ post.

Meanwhile, BioWare’s Alistair McNally gave the biggest hint of all, noting that he was “really, REALLY excited” for the press conference. Shortly afterward, the senior director of creative development changed his Twitter avatar and background to artwork from Dragon Age.

All signs point toward BioWare having something to showcase at the Sony event, and McNally’s changes to his Twitter profile suggest that a new entry in the Dragon Age series is a likely candidate. We last saw the franchise rear its head back in 2014, with the critically and commercially successful Inquisition.

However, McNally could be making an attempt to throw fans off the scent. Several members of the Andromeda team commented on the event, so it could well be that BioWare’s interest relates to the Mass Effect series — whether it’s simply more footage of Andromeda or the reveal of a new spin-off is another matter.

Regardless of which franchise is today’s focus, there’s a good chance that whatever BioWare has to show is related to virtual reality. PlayStation VR looks set to be a major component of the PlayStation Meeting, and an exclusive from a major studio like BioWare could help convince many consumers to invest in the hardware.

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