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The only Nintendo Switch deal you need to see for Black Friday

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday deals are approaching, with an influx of shoppers saving money throughout the next four days, especially with all of the gaming deals happening now. While some deals are certainly better than others, there is no denying that video game consoles are among the most desirable products during Black Friday. Unfortunately, Nintendo tends to avoid discounting the Switch during the shopping holiday and deals that are offered do not provide massive savings when compared to its original retail price.

While the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid gaming console, has been out for nearly three years, there are not a ton of bundles or special promotions available. But there is one Nintendo Switch deal worth considering if you are at all interested in picking up this eighth-generation gaming system. For $200, you can pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite gaming console bundle, which comes with a trNintendo Switch Lite with a travel case bundleavel case at Walmart.

With this Switch Lite deal, you can pick up a turquoise-colored unit as well as a black-and-red travel case. While the savings are not exactly massive, you are saving yourself $10 extra dollars, which is how much the travel case retails for.

Released earlier this year, Nintendo Switch Lite is drastically different from its predecessor and should not be viewed as a replacement for the original Nintendo Switch model. Instead, the Nintendo Switch Lite serves as an alternative for the Nintendo Switch as this console is strictly a handheld-only variant of the console. Its current retail price is $200 and the console itself is a single unit with integrated Joy-Cons built onto it. Unlike the standard Joy-Cons, the Switch Lite’s design includes a regular D-Pad instead of the separate four directional pads found on left-sided Joy-Cons. While its battery life is shorter, it does provide longer playtime compared to the original Nintendo Switch model released in 2017. Other caveats include the limitations of the hardware and that the console does not support external controllers, nor does this variant offer support for select games that require the Switch to be in docked mode.

While the Nintendo Switch Lite is not the traditional way to experience the gaming system, this model is still valuable if you prefer gaming on the go and is a cheaper alternative to the original Nintendo Switch console.

Black Friday is a ways off, but that doesn't mean it's too early to think about deal-shopping later this year.
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