Diablo III trailer highlights the Monk

blizzard releases new diablo iii trailer highlighting the monk 3 hd

So far Blizzard has remained consistent in its policy to frustrate eager fans when it comes to release dates for its new games– generally forgoing the traditional method of telling people when its products will be available in favor of them more unusual tactic of saying “sometime in the future”. Diablo III is no exception, but Blizzard continues to release trailers for the game, which could mean that it is due in 2011, or it might be due sometime in the next ten years. With Blizzard, you never know.

Following the recent release of the Demon Hunter class, the next trailer up is for the Monk class, a new type of character altogether. Despite the name “Monk” being shared with a class in the Diablo: Hellfire expansion, the class is original to Diablo III.

So while we may have a lengthy wait until the game is finally in our hands, at least we can get a taste of what is to come. Check out the Monk class in action, in this trailer for Diablo III.

[Update: sorry for the confusion, this trailer is from last year.  For whatever reason it began making the rounds again recently]