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‘Overwatch’ Summer Games event celebrates the Rio Olympics with new skins and a soccer minigame

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The Rio Olympics will get underway August 5, and one of the biggest video games of 2016 is set to celebrate the sporting event with new content. Blizzard announced the first seasonal event for Overwatch, the “Summer Games” collection, with Rio Olympics themed skins, a new map, and  a new Rocket League-esque game mode called Lúcioball to celebrate the 2016 Games.

For the first three weeks of August, all loot boxes with special skins, emotes intros, and sprays with the Overwatch cast in athletic attire daubed with color schemes reflecting each character’s nationality, according to a post on the Overwatch blog. Zarya, for example, is decked out in weightlifting gear, Lucio is dressed for soccer, and Tracer appears to be ready for a track and field event. A poster included in the package is packed with more Overwatch characters clothed in activewear — Soldier: 76 in golf attire being a particular highlight.

Overwatch’s own olympic event, Lúcioball, is a three-on-three soccer match “futuristic spin on soccer” with a giant ball. Instead of rocket-powered cars, every player uses as a special version of Lucio with modified control meant for soccer: Instead of his sonic amplifier weapon, Lucio uses a melee attack to push the ball, and his speed and health enhancing abilities only helps the individual player, rather than the group. Rather than generating a shield, works as a steal, Lucio’s ultimate move pulls the ball your way, allowing players to steal the ball. A new map made especially for Lúcioball, the Rio-based soccer stadium Estádio das Rãs, features jump- and speed-boosting pads to keep you moving.

The Overwatch team teased the announcement earlier this week with care packages sent to notable Overwatch streamers, which prompted photos and videos of new skins for Zarya, Lucio, and Tracer, as well as the new level, according to a report from Polygon.

Every loot box will contain at least one seasonal unlockable, but what you get is entirely up to the luck of the draw, as you will not be able to purchase Summer Games content with in-game currency. When the event ends on August 22, all of the content will “be heading back into the vault,” according to Blizzard.

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