New shooter from Cliff Bleszinski’s BossKey Productions to be unveiled this week

Project BlueStreak "The Shattering"

After departing Epic Games in 2012, Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski announced his return to games last year, starting with the formation of a new studio by the name of BossKey Productions. The studio’s first game, an arena shooter codenamed Project BlueStreak was announced the same day. Since then we’ve seen bits and pieces of information released, but this week it seems we’ll get much more.

Over the weekend Bleszinski tweeted a link to a new website hosted by BlueStreak publisher Nexon. The site features an image of fallen buildings and flaming trees underneath a timer counting down to Wednesday. “No one is ever prepared when ‘it’ happens,” text accompanying the tweet reads.

Several tweets mentioning the hashtag “#TheShattering” led many to believe that this would be the name of the game, though Bleszinski tweeted that this wasn’t exactly the case. It seems that the precise name will be “The Shattering.” Presumably we’ll finally see the game’s actual revealed this week.

We haven’t seen much of the game so far, but concept art released last year showed a group of soldiers above the Hollywood sign watching a storm raging over Los Angeles. Pre-alpha footage released earlier this year showed a setting that looked idyllic by comparison, so it’s far from clear what kind of world the game will take place in.

Most of the details shared so far have been about the gameplay. BlueStreak is a free-to-play PC-focused multiplayer shooter featuring 5-on-5 matches. Bleszinski has said he wants the game’s tone to be different than the Gears of War series, and that he is “targeting having characters for all sorts of different tastes, not just BroZone.”

The timer may be counting down to Wednesday, but there will be three separate reveals this week. The first is today at 12 p.m. EDT, with the Tuesday and Wednesday reveals happening at the same time. To see for yourself, head over to the website and stay tuned.