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PlayStation Plus serves up free copies of Broforce, Galak-Z in March

Sony has announced March’s incoming batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members, revealing that service subscribers can expect to receive free copies of Galak-Z, Super Stardust HD, and other standouts.

Among March’s free games is Broforce, which recently won a Sony-conducted Vote to Play poll among PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Originally released via Steam Early Access, Broforce is a 2D run-and-gun shooter similar to genre classics like Contra and Metal Slug. Players pick from dozens of featured characters inspired by action movie stars, including playable send-ups of pop culture figures like Rambo, Judge Dredd, and The Terminator.

Developer Free Lives has since wrapped up development on Broforce, and the game in its finished state now includes dozens of levels, co-op and deathmatch multiplayer modes, and a fully featured level editor. Broforce will make its console debut next month as part of the PS4’s PlayStation Plus lineup.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive free copies of Galak-Z for the PlayStation 4 starting in March. Developed by Skulls of the Shogun creator 17-bit, Galak-Z is an aerial combat game in which players pilot heavily armed mechs throughout a series of destructible 2D environments.

PS Vita owners with an active PlayStation Plus subscription can look forward to Flame Over, a unique fire-fighting action game from OMG Zombies developer Laughing Jackal, along with Reality Fighters, a one-on-one fighting game that uses the platform’s camera to generate live gameplay backdrops.

Sony dives deep into the PlayStation 3’s back catalog for March’s final PlayStation Plus freebies. Subscribers who remain devoted to Sony’s last-generation console will get free copies of the 2007 twin-stick shooter Super Stardust HD and 2008’s zombie-survival sim The Last Guy starting next month.

All featured games will be free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting on March 8th. This month’s Vote to Play finalists Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus will also be available at a discount for subscribers throughout March.

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