Burstfire and its unmanned drones target a summer release

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Rainbow Six Siege releases this fall, but it appears that the multiplayer-focused tactical shooter will be getting some competition on the PC. Free Reign Entertainment and Nacho Games have announced Burstfire, a team-based, close-quarters shooter created by former HAWKEN developers, and it’s coming this summer.

Much like the aforementioned Ubisoft shooter, Burstfire offers 5v5 matches and tasks teams with either attacking or defending a specific objective, which the defending team can fortify and booby trap before the round begins. Careful planning and deliberate movements are rewarded, and “losing your life on a risky maneuver can cripple your team’s capabilities.”

Burstfire aims to separate itself from other tactical shooters in its approach to character classes: namely, there aren’t any. Instead, you have free reign to choose from any weapons and equipment the game offers, essentially designing your own class with free reign . This differs greatly from Rainbow Six Siege, which offers a number of preset characters to choose from, each with their own set of unique gear. Burstfire is also taking a stance against excessive paid DLC with free maps and items in future updates. Paid cosmetic content will be offered instead as a way to replace the lost revenue.

Whether its similarities to other shooters will affect its chance of success remain to be seen, but Burstfire‘s uncompromising vision to tactical multiplayer does seem to offer something slightly more “hardcore” than other mainstream releases. Though not available during the game’s early access period, a “planning tool” will allow further coordination between teams, and Nacho Games has opened up its forums to suggestions from players. A signup form for the closed beta test is also available on the game’s website.

Developer Nacho Games, which was founded last year, includes former HAWKEN lead game designer Dave Nguyen, as well as “several former members” of the studio behind HAWKEN, Adhesive Games. Publisher Free Reign Entertainment, which was also founded last year, curiously states that it specializes in “developing massive online games.” Its parent company Arktos Entertainment Group was responsible for the free-to-play online shooter War Inc. Battle Zone.