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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s season two battle pass brings Ghost to the game

Season two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare begins on February 11, bringing new multiplayer maps and weapons to the first-person shooter. Ahead of its release, Activision revealed details on this season’s Battle Pass, which features both a free and premium tier.

Users who don’t want to pay more won’t miss out on the season’s two new weapons, both of which will be available in the free battle pass. The Grau 5.56 mobile assault rifle will be obtainable at tier 15, while the Striker 45 SMG is a reward for reaching rank 31.

The free tier will also allow players to earn up to 300 Call of Duty points, as well as calling cards, weapon charms, and more.

While free users won’t miss out on meta-affecting prizes, the premium tier offers significantly more perks. The paid version will feature 100 levels and even more items. Right from tier 0, players will unlock Simon “Ghost” Riley, a character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Ghost will also come with additional goods and a new operator mission.

Premium players will also gain access to weapon blueprints, XP tokens, Operator skins, and more. They’ll be able to earn up to 1,300 Call of Duty points, which is a significantly higher cap than the free tier.

A battle pass bundle will also be available for purchase at any point through the season, which will automatically unlock 20 tiers.

Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Season Two Trailer

Call of Duty’s season two update will bring a slew of new content to the wildly popular game, including new multiplayer maps and modes. Ghost isn’t the only Modern Warfare 2 throwback coming to the game, either. Infinity Ward announced the fan-favorite Rust map will come in season 2.

“The classic map returns! A small map for fast-paced combat, Rust brings the battle to an oil yard in the middle of the desert,” Activision’s release said. “The site of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission, ‘Endgame,’ may be just that for players who don’t learn the tricks to master this arid field of play. Utilize the environment for cover and grab the high ground and low ground to take advantage of your enemies.”

Season two will be available on all platforms on February 11. In the meantime, Activision Blizzard confirmed that a new Call of Duty game is coming next year, which could be the long-rumored Black Ops 5.

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