Conan O’Brien, Kevin Smith, and Duck Dodgers join the playable cast of Lego Batman 3

conan obrien kevin smith stephen amell join cast lego batman 3 o brien

At New York Comic Con this past weekend Warner Brothers and TT Games announced that Conan O’Brien, Kevin Smith, and Arrow‘s Stephen Amell have joined the voice cast of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. A new behind-the-scenes trailer gives us a peek at their recording process.

All three will be playable characters in the game. Amell will of course play DC mainstay the Green Arrow, but O’Brien and Smith will play none other than themselves. Kevin Smith, widely-known DC comics fan, will use a super-powered megaphone to stun enemies by yelling at them. Conan O’Brien, professedly terrible at video games, will serve as an in-game guide.

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The panel also included the announcements of Condiment King, Deathstroke, Music Meister, Polka Dot Man, Man Bat, Deadshot, and Green Loontern (aka Duck Dodgers, aka Daffy Duck) as playable characters in the game’s massive cast of over 150 unlockable characters. With deep cuts like Polka Dot Man, you can rest assured that nearly any DC character that you can think of will be playable in the game, which is an exciting prospect for fans.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will take Batman and the Justice League into outer space in order to stop Brainiac from abusing the power of the stolen Lantern rings. The game will arrive on November 11 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, 3DS, Wii U, and Vita.