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Conan plays Watch Dogs, snark ensues

conan plays watch dogs snark ensues

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Few people are better at deflating a massively popular game than Conan O’Brien, whose Clueless Gamer segment has him playing hot new releases and providing the perplexed, hilarious commentary of an acerbic, non-gamer comedian. The latest installment has Conan and gamer friend Aaron Bleyaert checking out Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s hotly-anticipated open world hackathon.

Highlights include accidental murder, a failed attempt to go straight as a UPS delivery driver, and the huge revelation that you can use Chicago’s ctOS to spy on couples having implied sex, but disappointingly nothing else. As always, the segment is hilarious, so watch the whole video below and check out the other games he’s covered on Team Coco’s website.

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