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Is CS: GO cross-platform?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is immensely popular on PC, but few people realize the game was also released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. However, cross-play support is not offered between the three platforms. Here’s a closer look at cross-platform support in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and what you should know before diving in with your friends.

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Does CS: GO have cross-platform support?

Counter-Strike player aiming with an AWP.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does not support cross-platform play. Although the title is available on PlayStation and Xbox, players are limited to joining servers with folks from their own platform. PC and Mac users, however, can play together in the same lobbies, along with anyone who is streaming the game through GeForce Now or a similar service.

Does CS: GO have cross-progression?

Valve does not offer cross-progression for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Of course, if you upgrade to a new PC, your progress will carry over — simply sign in to the same Steam account, and all your stats, gear, and other valuables will be available.

Why you should be playing CS: GO on PC

Counter-Strike players on a stylized background.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available on both Xbox 360 and PS3, but these console versions are incredibly outdated. Both versions are essentially defunct, with no updates or new-generation ports on the horizon. Compared to CS: GO on PC, they almost look like different games.

Because of this, it’s highly recommended to experience Counter-Strike on PC. The shooter has seen hundreds of updates since launching in 2012, and it’s a remarkably polished game today. It’s also moved to a free-to-play monetization model, so you can download it to your PC and start playing without breaking out your wallet.

Valve’s iconic shooter boasts reasonable minimum specs, which should allow most gamers to dive in on their current rig. You’ll only need 15GB of storage, an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, and a 256MB video card that is DirectX 9-compatible. In other words, just about every modern rig will be capable of running it. And if you have a dedicated gaming laptop or PC, it’ll be able to run it without breaking a sweat — even if it’s old as dirt.

What’s happening with CS: GO on console?

In short — nothing. Valve hasn’t issued an update to the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of Counter-Strike in years. Both versions had some big issues at launch, and Valve has since stopped updating them to focus on the ever-popular PC version.

There don’t seem to be any plans to revive the games, so don’t get your hopes up for CS: GO on Xbox Series X or PS5. Unless something wild happens, Counter-Strike will continue to be a PC powerhouse with little chance of getting a second life on consoles.

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