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Kevin Smith starts crowdfunding for Jay and Silent Bob game: Chronic Blunt Punch!

Ready your wallets Jay and Silent Bob fans, only you can help Kevin Smith make his video game dreams a reality.

In a recently-announced crowdfunding campaign via fundraising site Fig, fans are implored to help make Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch! a reality.

A 2.5D multiplayer side-scroller, the game uses likenesses of the popular film characters as its main protagonists, allowing players to brawl their way through a series of suburban Canadian villains in modern-vintage style.

As with many side-scrollers, the plot of Chronic Blunt Punch! is a relatively simple one: Jay and Silent Bob are on a mission to find out why all their customers have disappeared, an adventure which takes them to a massive new mega-mall.

Despite Smith’s outspoken desire to not take to crowdfunding — saying that he thinks the pool of public money would be better served going to artists with less access to it — taking money from fans seemed to be the optimal way to go on the game, because of it’s NSFW content.

“We want our heroes to curse, smoke a blunt, and do a back flip scissor kick to a pussy troll without having a traditional publisher police officer watering down our crazy ideas,” wrote game creator Interabang Entertainment in its pitch.

As far as funding hosts go, Fig is an interesting choice for the campaign. A new genre of crowdfunding site, Fig — should an SEC filing go through — aims to allow users to actually purchase shares of the titles they are backing, rather than reap more typical rewards for their money. The service launched recently with the successful funding of its first project, Psychonauts 2, a long-anticipated sequel from Double Fine Entertainment.

Interabang Entertainment is not new to video games. Its last effort, Super Comboman, was published by Adult Swim Games and is currently being ported to consoles, and Chronic Blunt Punch has been in pre-production for a little over a year.

The game will be developed to release on PC, Steam, The Humble Store, and GOG at first, with the eventual possibility of a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rollout if it proves popular enough.

Should the new game meet its fundraising goals, fans should get a copy in a two years’ time. The game is scheduled for release in February of 2018.

As of this article, it has raised almost $72,000 of its $400,000 goal, with 36 days left for fans to give.

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