The latest brutal challenge facing Dark Souls fans is a month-long Bloodborne delay

Gothic Action RPG Bloodborne Delayed Until March, 2015

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Bloodborne, the upcoming gothic action roleplaying game from (Demon and Dark) Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, has been delayed until March 24th, 2015, from its planned February release, according to the PlayStation Blog. Developer From Software recently held a small, closed alpha test, and based the decision to delay on the results of that early trial.

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Miyazaki continues his exploration of punishing combat in dark, mysterious worlds in the move from the Souls series to Bloodborne. The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive turns up the intensity, with more aggressive combat than its predecessor’s measured, survival focus. It also features cooperative multiplayer, both indirectly (as it exists in the Dark Souls series) and directly, so you can jump right in and fight enormous, horrible demons with friends at your side.