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Dead by Daylight Mobile brings 4v1 asymmetrical horror to iOS, Android

Dead by Daylight, the 4-on-1 asymmetrical horror game that was first released for the PC in 2016, has arrived to mobile devices as a free-to-play title.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Official Launch Trailer 2020

Dead by Daylight Mobile is now available for iOS and Android, following the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release in 2017 and the Nintendo Switch launch last year. According to developer Behaviour Interactive, it achieved the pre-registration goal of 1 million sign-ups, unlocking rewards for all players who will log in or create an account for the mobile game.

In Dead by Daylight, four players take on the role of survivors who must work together to repair generators scattered across the map in order to escape through the exit gates. However, they must do so while avoiding the killer, controlled by a fifth player, who has access to unique abilities depending on the character that they choose.

The mobile version of the horror game will soon feature the same line-up of killers and survivors that are available on the PC and consoles. The roster of killers for Dead by Daylight Mobile currently includes seven characters, including The Pig from Saw and Michael Myers from Halloween. Also available are The Demogorgon as a killer and Steve and Nancy as survivors, all from Stranger Things, though they will need to be unlocked first from the in-game store.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is optimized for smartphones, with scaled-back graphics for smoother gameplay and touch-sensitive controls. The game offers in-app purchases for cosmetic items, and keeps the progression system that allows players to unlock new characters as well as upgrades, faster for those who perform better as the killer or survivors.

To celebrate the launch of Dead by Daylight Mobile, Behaviour Interactive launched the Bloodhunt+ event, which offers double character experience and Bloodpoints in the Trials mode, so that players will get a head start in upgrading their characters and unlocking new perks.

For iPhone owners, Dead by Daylight Mobile requires iOS 11 or above and either the first generation iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, or later. Meanwhile, for Android smartphone owners, the requirement is Android 7.0 Nougat or above, and the equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S7 or later.

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