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‘Destiny 2’ arrives, but you can’t begin assembling a formidable clan just yet

Destiny 2 - Official Launch Trailer
The day has come. The long-awaited Destiny 2 has arrived, but as players around the world are beginning to find out, some game features aren’t available at this time. Most notably: Destiny 2 clan features.

Over on Twitter, Bungie’s support account relayed that clan features would be unavailable for “several days.”

In-game Destiny 2 Clan Features will be unavailable for the first several days after launch. Stay tuned for announcements of availability.

— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) September 5, 2017

Guardians will be unable to create customized clan emblems, earn specialized rewards, chat with fellow clan members through the companion app, or participate in Guided Games. While the reason for clan features being unavailable at launch has not been provided, it seems to relate to Guided Games, a brand new feature to Destiny 2.

In a weekly update posted to Bungie’s site on September 1, Bungie claimed that Guided Games needed to be rolled out carefully. Guided Games lets members of a clan become Clan Guides who assist solo players dubbed Seekers through tough challenges in Destiny 2. Considering that guiding lower leveled and skilled players through challenging raids became a part of the Destiny community over the years, an organized way to do it is a welcome feature.

“For Guided Games to have a successful launch, we need time for enough players to form into real Clans and be ready to guide other Guardians. If there are too many solo Seekers and not enough Clan Guides, the queues for matching will be quite long,” the post read. “Therefore, we’re going to roll out Guided Games as a limited-access ‘soft beta’, where only a select number of solo players will be able to use Guided Games for the Nightfall on 9/12.”

From that, it seems that Destiny 2‘s clan features will be available before the game’s first raid kicks off September 13. Bungie plans to increase the number of solo players allowed to enter the Guided Game queue throughout September to ensure that Seekers won’t have to wait too long to join a Fireteam.

Like Destiny‘s Groups, up to 100 players will be able to join a Destiny 2 clan.

Meanwhile, Nightfall Strikes is available now for players, and the Destiny 2 Trials will unlock September 15.

As often happens with a big online game launch, Destiny 2‘s first day has seen some early woes. Reports of Guardians unable to connect to servers, or having to wait in a queue for entry, have been reported. Be aware that it may take a bit longer to get into the action on launch day.

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