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‘Destiny 2’ will hit PCs almost two months after it hits console

Destiny 2 – Official “Our Darkest Hour” E3 Trailer
While it was already known that the hotly-anticipated followup to Bungie’s Destiny would roll out later on PC than on either PS4 or Xbox One, it took until today to actually find out that day will be October 24. The information comes from the Blizzard Launcher, which now accepts pre-orders for Destiny 2. 

Activision had previously announced that Blizzard will be handling the PC distribution side of Destiny 2, to mixed reactions from the PC gaming community. Some expressed confusion, apparently forgetting Activision owns Blizzard, while others expressed joy that a company with a solid reputation for delivery and server stability will handle the title.

Either way, the purchase price is the same as the console versions, at $60 for the regular version, $90 with the expansions, and $100 total for the expansions and some extra “digital deluxe” in-game items.

While the PS4 and Xbox One beta will run in mid July, the PC beta won’t start until late August. As for what the beta includes, well, we don’t know. That information remains to be seen.

Hopefully, the wait will be worthwhile. Bungie is promising the PC version will, at the least, provide better visual fidelity than the console versions. It’s unclear if any other unique features will be available. While PC is capable of handling features like enhanced player counts and dedicated servers, such extras seem extraordinarily unlikely. In fact, we already know dedicated servers won’t be a thing.

After a rocky start to the original title’s release, it’s clear Bungie wants to get everything perfect this time around. Good MMOs can last years on player enthusiasm, and after refining Destiny over several years, it’s become a game with a big, excitable following. Whether Bungie can deliver on that hype remains to be seen, but either way, Destiny 2 is only going to make more noise before its release in the fall of this year.

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