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Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Bunkers – How to unlock and use

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is finally here, bringing a whole batch of new activities and rewards to the game. This time, players must work with Rasputin to stop a potentially catastrophic spaceship crash. To do so, Guardians will need to interact with Bunkers, which are this season’s version of obelisks. Here’s how to unlock the EDZ Bunker and get your seasonal artifact in the process.

How to unlock the EDZ Bunker

When you load into the game, head to the Tower and speak to Zavala. He’ll give you a quest, which will unlock everything you need this season. Once you’ve gotten the quest, head over to Mars and speak to Ana Bray.

Next, you’ll need to collect 20 orbs of light and make eight of your own. You’ll find lots of players on Mars and the EDZ right now thanks to the new season, so head to those public spaces for a better chance of getting orbs from strangers.

Once you’ve collected enough orbs, you’ll have to do a brief story mission called “Into the Mindlab” on Mars. This is pretty straightforward and will just require you to kill a few enemies en route to Rasputin. Interact with the A.I. to end the mission and open the Bunker.

Destiny 2 Rasputin

Finding the EDZ Bunker

Once the mission is complete, load in to the Sludge landing zone in the EDZ. A short cinematic will show the planet’s Bunker dramatically opening. Head inside and follow the corridors until you reach one of Rasputin’s outposts. Interact with Rasputin and you’ll receive this season’s artifact, which will let you level up past the game’s cap.

You aren’t quite done yet. Now you’ll need to complete one of the game’s new public events, which can be found at The Winding Cove on the EDZ. The new Seraph Tower activity is similar to Escalation Protocol. You’ll need to keep enemies from stepping on plates so you can construct a tower.

These towers will eventually spit out charges, which you can throw at an orange orb that appears above the towers. The goal is to move the orb over the tower by throwing charges at it before time runs out. For the purposes of the quest, you don’t need to fully complete the event; participating in it is enough to complete the step.

Head back to the Bunker and speak to Rasputin, who will send you on one more brief mission. Defeat a room full of enemies and activate the console near Zavala and Ana to end the mission.

Finally, head back to Rasputin and open the EDZ Bunker Upgrades tab in his menu. Click on Valkyrie Spawner: Tier 1 to activate your first upgrade and complete the quest.

Destiny 2 EDZ Bunker

How to use Bunkers

Much like obelisks in Season of Dawn, Bunkers are essentially vendors with their own rewards, currencies, and bounties.

There are two main currencies to keep track of: Warmind bits and chipsets. Warmind bits can be earned from Rasputin’s bounties as well as Seraph Tower events. Bits can be used to buy Bunker upgrades, each of which will give you a chipset. These can be used to upgrade a Bunker’s rank.

Once your rank is high enough, you can start earning new weapons and perks from the Bunker. So the cycle works like this: Complete bounties and public events to earn bits, spend those on upgrades to earn chipsets, use those to upgrade your rank, and earn loot.

More bunkers will open throughout Season of the Worthy, so take some time to get familiar with how these work, because you’ll be using them throughout the season. And while you’re at it, start grinding now for Trials of Osiris, which starts again soon.

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