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Mega Bloks ‘Destiny’ sets arrive this July

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Back in Feburary, Mega Bloks announced a partnership with Activision and Bungie to bring the sci-fi shooter phenomenon Destiny to the world of building blocks, with a launch scheduled for this fall. But you won’t have to wait that long: The sets are out next month, and they look as good as anything the company has made to date.

“At Bungie, we’re committed to creating captivating experiences for our players,” said visual identity and brand creative director Jim McQuillan. “Our collaboration with Mega Brands enables us to bring the world of Destiny and its characters to life outside the game.”

Thus far, the emphasis is certainly on “characters” and not “world,” with only a few larger vehicles to choose from, but the Guardians included offer a ridiculous amount of detail. From bolts on the customizable armor to the adorable Ghosts and even the Void Bow from The Taken King, these are a far cry from the simple figures introduced with the Halo Wars line several years ago.

Of the sets currently announced, the “Fallen Walker” stands out as the most impressive. It features fully articulated legs, working LEDs on the engine hatch, a Shank, and, of course, the legendary Gjallarhorn.

Mega Bloks continues to release products in both the Halo and Call of Duty lines, as well. Halo has largely run out of vehicles to be turned into plastic, with “New Mombasa Police” versions of the Warthog and Pelican receiving the Mega Bloks treatment. The latter series has recently received several “Legends” sets, which honor its World War II roots, as well as a “Horseback Assault” set, which recreates the worst mission in Black Ops II so you’re always reminded of it when you look over at your display.

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