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If you like it then you should have put a lock on it: Destiny’s new patch protects your gear

destiny patch gear lock gun
An upcoming patch for Destiny will address a problem that is all too familiar to players of loot-heavy games like it and Diablo: accidentally scrapping your best gear.

The ability to dismantle gear into its component parts for crafting is a great way to squeeze utility out of equipment that you don’t need, but with it has always come the danger of accidentally destroying something you wanted to keep. Maybe you’re tired and your fingers slip while running on autopilot, or perhaps “errant pets and over-enthusiastic children” were involved. Whatever the reason, accidents happen, and Bungie is implementing a fix to reduce the odds of scrapping that legendary weapon you spent ages finding. To protect an item, simply highlight it and press down on the right thumb-stick. It will then be safe until you unlock it. Accidents can still happen, but adding an extra step should certainly help mitigate the risk.

Another feature introduced in the patch will be the ability to wear helmets in The Tower. There will be a new option in the settings menu that will allow you to toggle the display of your headgear in the game’s social spaces. You will then be able to show off your fanciest Sunday hats to your friends in a space where they will actually have time to admire them without fear of being shot. There was a time when guardians had the decency to take off their helmets indoors, like civilized people — kids these days have no manners.

The patch also implements a number of changes to the way ammunition drops work in Crucible matches. Special ammo drops will become more scarce, both in their frequency and their payload. This will give the ammo much greater tactical value, and create more interesting decisions about when to use it.

You can read the developer’s full rundown over at Bungie’s blog. There’s still no date on when the patch will arrive, but they promise it’s coming soon.

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