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With just over a week to go, the cinematic trailer for Destiny: The Taken King arrives

Bungie has been in a frenzy recently, releasing video after video showing various glimpses of the upcoming Destiny: The Taken King. Now fans looking for a bigger idea of the expansion’s story are finally getting just that, thanks to a brand new cinematic trailer release by Bungie yesterday.

Once you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll probably be itching to get into the game, but you might not be sure what you can do in advance of The Taken King’s release date, which is more than a week away. Luckily Bungie has prepared a list of things players can do to get ready for the expansion and the patch accompanying it. The full list is below.

  • Complete those Year One Bounties
  • Don’t delete characters or dismantle items just yet
  • Try the Year One campaign again
  • Jump into the Crucible for some new action
  • Try your beloved Auto-Rifles again
  • Destroy remaining Wolf Packs and loot their chests for Ether Keys
  • Complete your House of Wolves Grimoire as it applies to hunting in the wild
  • Complete your Moments of Triumph

Destiny is receiving a massive patch which will be released sometime today, bringing big changes with it as well as preparing the game for The Taken King. Bungie still hasn’t released the full notes for the patch, which brings Destiny to version 2.0, but it did share a preview of what to expect from the patch last week.

The level cap for all players will be raised to level 34, while for those with The Taken King, the level cap will now top out at 40. Leveling has been revamped, and players can now level up by gaining XP alone, separating a player’s Character Level from their Light Level, and making progress much easier after level 20 than it was before.

A Quest Screen will be added to the in-game menu, allowing players to easily track all active quests, and abandoned quests can now be recovered in the Hall of Guardians. Class-specific Armor Materials will be removed, with a new unified Armor Material taking their place instead. For more details on the upcoming changes, see last week’s Bungie Weekly Update.

Destiny: The Taken King will be released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 starting next week on Tuesday, September 15.

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