Explore an uncharted world from the team behind Device 6 on November 6

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The Sailor’s Dream, an ethereal, narrative-driven experience from the makers of Device 6, is arriving on iOS on November 6, according to developer Simogo. The studio has released another trailer which features more music from composer Jonathan Eng.

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This new game breaks from its predecessor by not having any puzzles per se at all, instead focusing on exploration as a means to uncover its fractured narrative, piece by piece. Gameplay will be a mix of open-ended exploration in an island-filled sea along with more linear episodes in the individual locations. Like Device 6, it will feature a soothing score from Jonathan Eng and reams of text from writer Jonas Tarestad, along with beautiful, hand-painted artwork. Details are still scarce about the story, which makes sense since uncovering the narrative is the game’s main activity, but the trailers seem to hint at a melancholy tale of love lost at sea.