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Trek to Yomi, Death’s Door, and more highlight Devolver Digital showcase

Devolver Digital showcased seven indie games that are releasing under its publishing wing, including the samurai side-scroller game Trek to Yomi, as well as the fast-paced hack-and-slash game Death’s Door.

Devolver Digital continued its time-honored tradition of having its own showcase during the week of E3 via another video filled with games, chili dogs, and strange humor.

The most notable highlight among the indie slate is Trek to Yomi, a side-scrolling samurai game. It follows Hiroki, a young warrior who sets off on a journey to protect his village and the people he cares about. The game is completely black-and-white with a film filter on it to give the game an old samurai movie aesthetic. Trek to Yomi is planned on being released in 2022.

The stream gave another look at Death’s Door, which appeared at Day of the Devs this week. It’s a fast-paced isometric hack-and-slash game all about quick destruction and reclaiming a soul that was stolen from you. The trailer was filled with quick spell-slinging action, visceral swordplay, interesting characters, and a lovely looking parasol. Death’s Door will be available on July 2o this year and is available to pre-order now.

Demon Throttle, another highlight, takes eight-bit bulletstorm gameplay back to modern consoles. Digital Devolver has teamed up with Special Reserve Games once again to create a physical version of the game that is only available for a limited time. Demon Throttle is releasing only on the Nintendo Switch as a physical version in 2022.

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It wouldn’t be a Devolver show without an announcement that seems like a joke, but isn’t. Devolver Tumble Time is a free-to-play mobile game that will release sometime this year. Little was revealed about the game, but it seems to be a puzzle game of sorts and will be free to play with monetization incentives.

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