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Blizzard details Diablo 4 customization options and new enemies

Blizzard Entertainment has shed some light on Diablo 4‘s customization options. Players can change multiple aspects of their character, including skin tone, hairstyle, and tattoos. Armor dyes are also now in the gam, giving players even more ways to change up their looks.

Blizzard Entertainment posted its quarterly update for Diablo 4 to fill players in on what it’s currently working on. One of the main subjects is character customization. Diablo 4 allows players to change their character’s skin tone, jewelry, hairstyle and hair color, tattoos, and makeup.

Specific customizable options will only be available to certain classes in order to support the classes’ specific backgrounds. Armor dying is also available for players who want to really create their own personal character. Each set of armor will feature multiple sections to recolor and there will be access to a myriad of colors.

Diablo 4 is the first game in the series that will have in-game cutscenes featuring player characters. Normally, the series features prerendered cutscenes and cinematics that involve characters in the narrative, but never the actual players. With these new in-game cutscenes, players will now see their characters interact with the story in a more cinematic way. This means that your customizable options will be on full display during these cutscenes.

The update also shows off some enemies, new and old, that players will encounter during their journey through Sanctuary. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that classic enemies such as succubi and skeleton warriors will make a comeback in the fourth installment of the franchise. The Blood Bishop is a new enemy that was announced in the quarterly update. This sanguine spellcaster will pelt players with magic from a distance while also using area of effect skills to deny them ground to move around. This creature seems to be created completely out of blood and arteries with a golden crown on top of its head. It will use blood clots that explode and do damage to a wide area to attack against players.

There is currently no release date for Diablo 4.

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