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Digital Storm launches new, rather-red, Aventum 3

Sometimes ‘new’ system builds can feel much the same as old system builds. They feature newer graphics cards and CPUs sure, but nothing that really makes you turn your head. That’s not the case with Digital Storm’s new Aventum 3, which launches in a very eye-catching chassis, with a custom liquid cooling system and bespoke power-routing to reduce the amount of cabling in your PC.

One of the more obvious big changes with this system is that it’s windowed on the opposite side from normal, with the motherboard mounted upside down. This gives it a unique look right off of the bat, but its remaining features are what is truly impressive.

Its water cooling system for example. Regardless of the hardware setup you opt for in the end, all of it is liquid cooled. Not only are there huge tubes for pumping large volumes of water to and from your toasty components, there’s also a custom proprietary water block and routing system, which can be seen hidden behind the motherboard tray.

That allows for further customization after purchasing if you choose, as you can attach or disconnect parts of the loop without having to drain the entire thing.

Another big selling point of the Aventum 3 is the power delivery system. Instead of having a mass of cables snaking from the under-slung PSU to the graphics cards all the way up at the top, those cables are routed behind the motherboard and given new outlets at the top. That means you can plug your many GPUs straight into there, which keeps the inside of the system tidy and clutter-free, improving airflow around all components.

That air will also be moving over the back of the motherboard, thanks to a dual fan configuration that blows on the rear of the CPU socket and PCIExpress ports.

The air being blown should be nice and cool too, since the water-cooling radiators are located in a specialized chamber beneath the system, which allows the warm air generated by radiator cooling to be safely vented out of the rear without affecting other components.

Available now, the Aventum 3‘s pricing starts at $4,930.

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