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Nvidia may launch 3 new GPUs, and they’re bad news for AMD

In a surprising twist, Nvidia might be releasing not one, but three graphics cards. They all fall under the same RTX 4060 umbrella, although two of them are RTX 4060 Ti models.

This marks a strong entry into the midrange segment for Nvidia, with one of the cards addressing a significant concern — low VRAM. Should AMD be worried about losing even more business to Team Green?

4060Ti 8G
4060Ti 16G
4060 8G
will be released in May

— MEGAsizeGPU (@Zed__Wang) May 9, 2023

Obligatory disclaimer: Nvidia itself hasn’t confirmed the upcoming release of these graphics cards just yet. All we have is a credible Twitter leaker, MegaSizeGPU, who has been right about these things before. However, until Nvidia itself reveals the GPUs, it’s best to temper your expectations. With that said, today’s rumors are especially exciting.

MegaSizeGPU claims that Nvidia has three GPUs planned in the coming months, but only one of them is slated for a May release. The GPUs on Nvidia’s radar are the RTX 4060 Ti with 16GB of VRAM, followed by the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and the RTX 4060 8GB with GDDR6 memory. It’s unclear whether the Ti models will have GDDR6 or GDDR6X memory, but the latter seems likely.

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Apart from the size of the memory, the trio of GPUs remain a bit of an enigma. Tom’s Hardware speculates that it’s possible that the RTX 4060 Ti and the RTX 4060 may each have a different chip: AD104 for the Ti model, and AD106 for the base version. The core count is estimated to be at around 4,352 for the RTX 4060 Ti (but we might see an increase for the 16GB model, too) and 3,072 for the RTX 4060. The top version is said to consume at most 160 watts of power, which spells good news for midrange and budget builds.

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

So far, Nvidia has been sticking to the high-end and midrange parts of the market in this generation. We’ve had the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 4070 Ti, and most recently, the RTX 4070. Now, with three more GPUs perhaps launching soon, Nvidia has a good chance of conquering what’s left of the mainstream segment. Of course, this will only happen if it doesn’t apply its outrageous pricing strategy to these new GPUs.

AMD has been generous with VRAM in its GPUs, but the same can’t be said about Nvidia. While the two 8GB RTX 4060s might struggle in some new games, the RTX 4060 Ti with 16GB of memory — if it does come out — should address the VRAM issue. We don’t know how much VRAM the AMD RX 7600 will have, but it looks like it will have some serious competition.

The first GPU to hit the market is reportedly going to be the RTX 4060 Ti with 8GB of VRAM. The other versions are said to follow in July. AMD better hurry up and get that RX 7600 out the door, because Nvidia isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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